Double Mind

by David Celia

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The new album, "Double Mind", from acclaimed Toronto musician David Celia, is a collection of songs written and developed while maintaining a busy touring schedule across Europe and North America. Entirely self-financed and produced, the album embraces a diversity of genres from the past while at the same time managing to sound completely fresh and current. The songs are a lyrical and musical reflection of timeless and various topics; everything from lost and new-found love to the rigors of being a working, independent artist and all points in between. Themes of "pay-it-forward" thinking, insecurity, confidence, humour, and sardonic wit abound. Overall, the mood is joyously optimistic with more than it's share of instantly memorable and compelling songs which captivate and stay with you after just one listen. This album proves once again that David Celia is an innovative and relevant artist, consistently growing and challenging himself.

"Double Mind" was mixed by Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers) at the House of Miracles in Cambridge, ON where he also recorded some of the tracks (David additionally used Butler Recordings in Brooklyn, NY and his home studio, Organica). This album features some great musicians from across North America: NYC artists Michelle Casillas (Jesse Malin) and Ed Pastorini (Beth Orton, Antony and the Johnsons, Rufus Wainwright), along with some of Canada’s best; the wonderful Catherine MacLellan (True North Records), Ariana Gillis (Six Shooter Records), Gene Hardy (Michael Bublé), Cleave Anderson (early Blue Rodeo), Joan Besen (Prairie Oyster) and many more.

Check out David’s schedule on his website, When he is not on tour you can find him at The Cameron House (408 Queen Street West, Toronto), every Friday from 6-8pm. The big album release show for "Double Mind" is on June 4th at The Great Hall (1087 Queen Street West, Toronto) with support acts, Ferraro & Devin Cuddy.


released June 2, 2015

Mixed by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles
Produced by David Celia
Cover photo by Dagmar Bressel


all rights reserved



David Celia Toronto, Ontario

Innovative singer/songwriter and astonishing guitar player, known for spontaneously driven live performances.
"One of Toronto's best guitarists" ~ CBC Radio 2
"Excellent musicianship....elegant and melodic” ~ The Divine Comedy
"This is Superb” ~ Bob Harris, BBC
"Really good music” ~ Hilly Krystal, CBGB's
"This is something special” ~12 Bar Club, London
"Pure musical escapism” ~ "NOW magazine
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Track Name: Welcome to the Show
Welcome to the show, you feel your mind is gone again
Life is but a joke so take a token from a friend
Scared of sayin’ I love you
Nowadays you might get sued
I dare you to be one of the few

Take your coat off leave your shoes outside
Settle in to who you are inside
Don’t you know MI CASA SU CASA?
You know that I would be there for you
And I hope you’d do the same for me
Track Name: Speak to Me
I called you up this evening
To say something from my heart
And when we made it to the hard part
We seemed to have got disconnected

The lines don’t seem too clear
‘Cause every time I feel I’m getting near
I wonder if you know where I am going
Are you coming with me or are you staying here?

The days fly past like tomorrow
We think about it though it isn’t here
I just wanna be lyin’ there beside you
Talking ‘bout our problems ‘til it’s clear

I just want someone who I can talk to
Who can tell me what it is that makes them bleed
“Cause the wounds keep coming in with each day
But they all go away when I hear you say.
Track Name: Tongues
It's the tongue that keeps it together
And can make a love last forever
Kissing or talking is better
Helps to get us through the nasty weather

You gotta talk about things together
Or cook a meal to get the glandulars wetter
'Cause I can't think of anything better
To take your mind off whatever upset her


It can make you feel as light as a feather
When you get those two tongues together
A wet marinade of salty leather
Is the secret of keeping it together


So come out of your shell and tell her
That you'd like to join together
In conversation of lickity splendour
Don't be shy with your region of nether
Track Name: Thin Disguise
Got up on the wrong side of the bed
Hair standing on my head
Wondering how I’ll make it through this day without you

Try to decide on what to do
Thinking of something new
I wanna be true to who I am
Don’t wanna let down Uncle Sam….

You’re gonna make it if you try

Havin’ some breakfast with my tea
And watchin’ some TV
I know that I’ll get there someday
Someone, somehow, somewhere, someway…

You’re gonna make it if you try
Don’t have to put on a disguise
You have to spread your wings and FLY,

Fly, you can make it if you try
Don’t let those buggers bring you down
They’ll turn your pretty smile in to a frown

Don’t have to put on a disguise
You have to spread your wings and FLY.
Track Name: Modern Widower
Used to have the family
Used to have the kids
But now they've moved far away and i'm often here alone
Gotta move on now--get on with my work
This is the worst day in the world.

Didn't follow orders
Stayed who i am
I was supposed to be another man but i guess that's in the can
Gotta carry on now--get on with my world
This is the worst day in the world.

Never really married me she kept close to her family
Raised in SUCH a way to trust no one, you have to do just what they say
And if the heirarchy should fall just like the others did before
It doesn't matter, this is exactly what we came here for

Now the kids see you
The way you're meant to be
Met someone real nice who knows just what you need
So glad to move on now--get on with your life
This is the best day in the world
This is the best day in the world.
Track Name: Princess Katie
la la la....
Track Name: Smile, You're Alive
Smile, you’re alive.
It only gets worse if you try
You can’t understand the feelings you have inside
You’ll spend your life searching and trying to decide
So smile, you’re alive, let our love provide
Oh, there’s that feeling again, It’s gone
It might have a meaning from beyond, but it’s gone
You’ll find the answer….

Don’t let that feeling go away
The feeling that you cannot do anything anyway
We’ll find the answer when we’re gone

Track Name: Willkommen in deiner Show
Willkommen in deiner Show
Lass Deine Sorgen einmal weg
Du wirst spüren (spür'n) auf Reisen
Sehnt man sich nach Leichtgepäck
Und fühlst Du ein "Ich liebe Dich"
Sag es laut und zöger nicht
Keiner dreht Dir daraus einen Strick

Mach's Dir bequem in Deiner eigenen Welt
Zeig sie mir so wie sie Dir gefällt
Weisst Du nicht:
"Mi casa su casa"
Bist Du ein Fisch bin ich dein Wasser
Weil ich Dir ein Freund bin
So wie Du für mich

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